What 2016 Has Done. 

One might think that because I lost my mom in 2016 this must have been a complete nightmare of a year and I should consider 2016 to be the year that took me down.

But No. While I can honestly say this year has been the toughest and probably the worst year I’ve had yet, it was only the worst because 2016 took my mom away. But it was not all bad because losing my mom really taught me so many things about myself, the people around me and my life. 2016 has done a lot.

In this year I have learned to love harder. There is no stronger love than the love a child has for their parents. I have learned to take all the love I have for my mom (and my dad) and spread it. I enjoy doing good deeds for people, helping people out whether it be with advice or physically doing something to help then out. I’m learning how to love those around me more because you never know what tomorrow brings.

In this year I have learned to love myself. For years it was all about other people and never about me. I’d jump off a bridge if it meant helping someone else but never would help myself. I am learning how to love me for me. Love my mind, my body and my life. With that comes finding myself and while I will still be on that journey well into 2017, I’m glad the journey started in 2016. It was time for me to wake up and realize that I may have a passion for helping others but you can’t help others to your best ability unless you help yourself.

In this year I learned who was really there for me and who really wasn’t. I realized there is nothing more important than family and close friends. I realized that it is okay to ask for help(even though I’m still working on that.) I lost friends and I gained friends and I’m thankful for that because it got me out of awful situations and put me into great ones. I have met so many amazing people in the HD community especially because I was able to go to another HD youth camp AND the convention.

In this year I learned to speak my mind. I’ve always been that shy girl who only speaks when spoken too. I’m getting out of my shell. I want to let everyone know what is on my mind and advocate for Huntington’s Disease and that I won’t go without a fight. I’ve been reaching out to people in the HD community I find on social media, I’ve been speaking up in school and making acquaintances, which is way more than I have ever tried socially before.

And finally, in this year I learned that I am doing it. I didn’t think I could possibly live and continue on without my mom. Yes, days are hard, holidays are hard, certain situations are hard, but I’m doing it. I’m living and doing better then I thought I would be, all because of the guidance from my mom up above, my dad, sister, boyfriend and his family and the good friends that I do have. So, thank you.

I owe all my success to my mom and dad. I’m so proud to be your daughter and a product of the best and strongest parents ever. 

Happy New Year, everyone! Make it a good one. Never give up, you’re stronger than you think!



The tattoo I just got to honor my mom.

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