Another Year Down. 

  *Sorry for not posting recently! Lots going on with school!*
As we approach 2016 in a few hours I can’t help but reflect on all that this year has given me. Let’s start with the most important: my mother has made itthrough  another year. Yes, there have been major changes but the main thing is that she is still here regardless of her decline. Second, I am so thankful for every person I met at the HD Camp in August, seriously the biggest blessing to come into my life this year. Actually, those people are the best thing to happen in my life not even just this year! Third, I am happy that I was able to transfer colleges and find a major I know I have a passion for and know what path I’d like to take in the future. This year has been full of greatness, honestly this was the best year I have had in a long time and I am so glad I was able to spend it with the people I did! 
So what’s my new years resolution? I want to focus on myself, do better in school, be involved more with HD, GET MY BOOTY TO THE 2016 CONVENTION and to travel. Each of those things are so important to me. I always spend my time caring for others and doing whatever I can to make other people happy, I have realized that now maybe it’s time to create happiness for myself and go out into the world and experience things I was not able to. I seriously had the best life growing up, even with a mother that couldn’t do much. But I still can never get over comparing my childhood to others. So many people I know got to go on vacations near and far and my family had to stop doing vacations because of the progression of HD in my mom. I want to travel so badly, I want to start with traveling the United States and work my way out to Europe eventually. So, my biggest wish and hope for 2016 is to travel. 

To anyone out there dealing with HD, whether you have it, are at risk, are a caregiver…take some time for YOURSELF this year, even if its something small, you deserve it! Stay strong, and to all a happy and healthy new year! Enjoy 2016! 


2 thoughts on “Another Year Down. 

  1. Hi!
    I was wondering if you would be okay if I borrowed this picture for a presentation I am giving on families effect by HD. It is just in my small class but I totally understand if you aren’t. I just want to show real examples and I LOVE this.

    Thank you!


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