North American HD Summer Camp!

Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month has brought me some good luck and good news!

My sister and I applied to be apart of this HD Summer Camp in Maryland about two months ago. It is the first camp they are doing like this. People aged 14-23 are going and to apply, my sister and I had to state our relation to the disease, and why we felt we should be chosen to go. Oh yeah, forgot to mention it is a FREE trip and only FOURTY young adults are chosen to go. Today, my sister and I got the email that said CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN TO GO TO THE NORTH AMERICAN HD CAMP THIS AUGUST!  I do not think I have ever been so excited. I immediately called my sister and made her check her email, because otherwise she would have never looked. We are so happy and excited that we get to experience this together.

Basically what this camp is, is to meet with other young adults with HD in their family, someone at-risk, has a friend diagnosed with HD, or someone who has tested positive for HD themselves. It is not going to be all serious talk because it is a four-day camp out on a lake! Which means there will be plenty of time to make friends that know EXACTLY what its like to live with HD always in the back of your mind. We are going to be able to relax and ease our minds.

I’ve had the best support system growing up. My friends have always been by my side, always wanting to educate themselves and always asking how I am, how my mom is and how my dad and sister are. Whether I am friends with some of these people still or not, I’m sure they still think about her from time to time because my mom always had a big impact on people. My boyfriend and his family are super supportive and helpful and always are willing to listen to me rant about my mom and help me in whatever ways I need since I live in NY and my family lives in FL. However, these friends and supporters do not know how it is growing up watching this disease eat away at someone you love. This camp is going to bring me a lot of happiness because these young adults can relate fully to the situation my sister and I have undergone for sixteen years.

I feel thankful, grateful and blessed to be able to get this opportunity with my sister to go and meet others who know the hardships of HD like the back of their hand. It will most likely be an upsetting yet fun-filled four days out in Maryland but I am so ready for it and it will be a great way to end my summer and start my junior year in college. End the summer on a positive note with more support and hopefully lifelong friends! 🙂

I will 100% write each day on this blog when I am in Maryland and update everyone who reads this on what goes on during camp! Stay tuned for August 24-27!!

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.39.59 PM


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