Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month! 

We have (almost) made it to May! But more importantly we have made it to Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month! I was never so excited for a month to come (other than my birthday month). Obviously you could tell of my happiness and excitment through the fact that I could not wait until the first of May to write and post this, hehe. In May I always, always, always, post on Instagram making people know what this month means to me. This month has so much importance in the HD Community! It’s OUR chance to get the word out about HD, its effects, and tell our stories about our loved ones. This is a month i HONOR and show APPRECIATION for my mother and her father. They are HD fighters! Although my grandpa has passed on, he was a fighter for years and made it to 86 years old! I miss that man extremely. To me, this month is time for me to showcase my amazing mother. I highlight her and post pictures and write loving things about her to show everyone how close this disease can bring families.

This is a time for people to get EDUCATED. That’s what I’m here for today 🙂 I actually made a little flier, with two other pictures attached that I plan to post on May 1st on Instagram and Facebook for my friends to view in hopes that it teaches someone a little something. Here it is:

 The flier shows what HD effects for the most part. To the right, is my beautiful and strong 51 year old mother, Lisa. Isn’t she adorable?!

As I have said in other posts there is adult and juvenile Huntington’s Disease. May is the month to teach about both!! Purple is the color for Juvenile Huntington’s Disease and Blue is the color for Adult Huntington’s Disease. Both forms of the disease need attention and better yet a CURE. All I ask is that after reading this, you teach ONE PERSON something about HD. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS USE GOOGLE! Those little facts help to spread the word around, seriously! Thank you for those who read my posts and a sincere thank you those who take my word and WILL go out into the world and spread a fact about HD.

I hope you all enjoy the month of May as much as I will! 🙂


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