Dear Huntington’s Disease,

I read an article By Amanda Butterworth titled “To the Horrible Disease that Turned a 19-Year-Old into a Caregiver,”and was immediately inspired to write my own letter to this terrible disease. So here we go.

Dear Huntington’s Disease,

You are relentless. You do not give up and you show no remorse for what you do to people who find out they have you and to those who have to watch the change in their loved ones. You affect so many people, rip apart families, and worst of all you are a killer. You’re not only fatal to the positive gene people physically in the end, but you kill who that person was for YEARS. Those are years NO ONE in the family/relationship will get back. You gave MY mother this disease when i was FIVE. You’ve got to be kidding. You couldn’t let the woman live her life the was it was planned out? Being 20 and not seeing my mother because I’m in college hurts enough, but you just had to go and make things worse. Each visit to her, you just pop out even worse than before and greet me. Nothing you do is right, however, I do give you credit for bringing my IMMEDIATE family much, much closer together. You also opened my eyes to how many people take life for granted, and how you think someone is there to help, but they aren’t. You have taught me many things, and the main one is to be STRONG. That doesn’t change how I feel about you though..I hate you. A lot. Actually, I take that back, i DESPISE and LOATHE you.

HD, you took away the mind, body and soul of a woman who, even impaired and disabled by YOUR cruelty, would do ANYTHING for my sister and I. Our love keeps her going, my dad keeps her going, her at home aide keeps her going, heck my dogs keep her going! You cannot take her now. I know it is inevitable, but in the end, when you do what you came here to do, you will not have taken my mother away from me. That is one thing you are incapable of doing. Wanna know why? It’s because she holds one-third of my heart already, and she’s not allowed to take my heart with her. My sister and dad have the other two-thirds and you cannot break us down. Sure, you’re going to cause a whole lot more pain as time passes, but I will NOT let you get to me. I will not let you gain control of my emotions. I am strong.

Huntington’s Disease, you are hellish. You take away my mother-daughter moments, and then leave me to find out that that’s not all you came for. You want to try to grab hold of me. Not only me but my sister as well, and possibly other family members. Who do you think you are? I will not test to see if i have you until I am older. Why? Because I don’t care about you. I don’t need nor want to know any scheme you may or may not have for me. My life is MY life and I am going to live it to its fullest day in and day out. You can’t stop me, I’m sorry. I will not let you win. You can’t win. You will be beaten.

Finally HD, I have some bad news for you… Scientists are finding a cure. I know that hurts to hear but that makes everything better for me so I’ll repeat it: THEY ARE FINDING A CURE. It may not be tomorrow, a month a way or even 5 years away, but they will catch you and end your life just how you did to plenty of innocent people. At first it may not be a cure for those who have symptoms, but those who are positive of your gene and pre-symptomatic, they will get treatment.

So, in closing, my final words to say to you HD, is HA! You will never get the best of me or my family.

Keep a positive outlook on life everyone! 🙂



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